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Setting up Ruckus and at&t gateway together with same SSID

New Contributor II
I have a Lennar home with Ruckus r510 and ICX 7150 C12P. I am using it's SSID for all my wi-fi needs. I have internet through at&t and the gateway is also broadcasting a wi-fi SSID that is different than the Ruckus AP. Can I turn the wi-fi off on my gateway? Is this the correct configuration? I want the at&t gateway to have the same SSID so I can get extended do I set it up? Does my at&t gateway need to be the primary wi-fi and Ruckus be the bridge? or vice-versa? Also, when the Amazon guy activated the smart home he did not leave any user name and password to get into the Ruckus admin settings. I can get to the unleashed login page but the default user name super/sp-admin does not work. Please help!!!

You won’t have to do that. 

The since both AP have the same name(in a AP group) your phone for example will connect to the one it’s closets to or the one that has the better connection.  

do not set it up as a mesh network. I made that mistake.  It created a bunch of issues and it was a pain in the rear to get it back to how it was.