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Ruckus switch not working

New Contributor

I am facing ethernet issues since today morning (6/10/2023) 

I have confirmed that internet signal is coming at output of the router, but not from wall jack. It was coming till yesterday.

I have tested by powering  off Ruckus Switch , Router, waiting for 5 min and then powering on Switch and Router , in that order.

Still I am facing same problem. Can some one call or visit me, 




New Contributor II

I am having exactly the same problem since this morning

New Contributor

Any known fix for this issue ?

Not that I am aware of, I am reading other posts and testing to see if any of them work

After multiple resets, it magically started working. I have no idea what made it work but my Switch and the AP's are good now. I have a new issue though, now I am not able to login to unleashed - Mobile app and portal.