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Ruckus keeps dropping connection

New Contributor

Hello, recently moved into a Lennar new construction home and ruckus unleashed along with two APs R510 are included with the home. 

Amazon Services helped setup connection and everything seemed to be working initially. However, within a day, I stopped having access to the internet. I get internet access back after unplugging ruckus from router and restarting router then plug everything back in. It will be fine for a bit for some hours then access is dropped again. 

The internet access issue does not occur when I stopped connecting router to ruckus and only use internet standalone between modem and router?

Any ideas why this is happening?


New Contributor

I am also facing same issue! May I know how is this issue resolved? Thanks. 

You need to go onto Ruckus site, download the 200.8 for your AP models, R510s Unleashed.  Keep it on the same local computer.  Then on the local computer, log into the unleash AP, probably default password, then do upgrade from the service menu.  It will upgrade one AP at a time...Thats kind of an overview.

When i was testing 200.9, the configuration backup data from 200.8 was not compatible.  So, now that you going down rev, you may lose all your configuration.  probably call up Ruckus and demand them to down grade you, as 200.9 have major reliability issues.  

P.S.  Before you downgrade, go and back up your configurations to a file... just in case...