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Ruckus R720/R710/R610 Unleashed half speed download

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Dear Ruckus, I have invested enough money to get fast and seamless internet on my APs. Not only did I recommend Ruckus Unleashed to many of my friends who wanted a fast and stable internet connection, and they also bought your points. But it is not, stable - yes, seamless - rather yes, fast - no. I carefully read all the similar problems in this forum over the past and did not find a single solution to the problem with half speed internet. Some offer a downgrade to 200.4, some Standalone. But this does not solve the problems if you have a few modern points with Wave 2 (which have the earliest firmware 200.5) and there are not so many to buy ZD. But what is more frustrating is that all the solutions are offered by users, not Ruckus himself. Even the timing of its decision is not defined. Recently a new firmware 200.8 was released, but this problem is still not solved. Because it’s really a problem when an AP for $40 gives Internet download speed up two to three times faster than at a point for $1500. Just tell us you are solving this problem or not? And when is the result possible? If it drags on for a long time, it’s easier to sell all my APs on eBay and switch to another vendor.

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Ruckus has moved from the stage of denial to the stage of humility and in a neighboring post promises to release a new Unleashed firmware revision in mid-June

QC is supposed to happen before a product or firmware is released.  Their humility is perhaps better than denial, but it does nothing to restore my lost confidence in their "premium" product.  Releasing untested firmware that halves or even quarters the promised performance? They've pulled the rug out from the people on the front line representing the value of their product and installing it.  My reputation is compromised and I look like an idiot to the client for choosing Ruckus.  Truly not sure this can be resolved even if they successfully release a bug-free firmware upgrade in mid-June.  

 just always assumed Ruckus's QA team would catch this bug which I have know since Summer of 2019 when I installed a few APs for some clients and noticed to speed issues and reverted back to 200.6.x firmware for my clients. Then noticed a trend from people owning Lennar Homes having issues I tried to get a few of them to revert back to the firmware. I have a few of them open tickets since they have support. I don't generally need ruckus paid support since my own APs that I got was dated Nov of 2015 the R710 which I got and ran standalone firmware til they announced unleashed firmware in 2016. I never had issues with Ruckus firmware til Summer of 2019. 

Anyway, I pushed others to open tickets since I did not want to pay for support for an obvious bug fo report to them a bug.  Anyway, eventually, Michael here on support escalated my ticket that I opened so I did not have to pay for a support contract.  Anyway, in January I had to find time to work with their support to do iperf3 tests.

I know the bug doesn't impact everyone from what I can tell it only impacts certain conditions which is why Ruckus support wasn't able to find the bug initially in a lab.  I believe it requires certain RF conditions, but I can't say what conditions.

Yes, doing tests with speedflex is unreliable when you are doing it on the same AP. You have to do it on a different AP that you are logged on to. 

As for their engineer team, they need to get their heads out of their #$#$# since for a while they kept sayingi it's a speed test issue even when using iperf3 and not a performance issue.... ugh... and so finally someone knocked some sense into them. I really hope they fix it. 

I know Ruckus R510 can be bought cheap sometimes on eBay from Lennar Home owners who decided to abandon them. ... I bought some for some friends for around $110 each.. and R610 for around $135-$150..

R500 are not impacted from the bug from what I can tell when using iperf3.  Only Wave 2 APs are impacted.. 

In the mean time I recommend 200.6.x firmware for now for R510, R610, R710..

R720 seems to have a bigger issue with 200.6.x and greater.

Fastest firmware was 200.4.x for me on an R710.. but I think 200.6 is a little bit slower.. but acceptable for now while waiting for a fix.

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(posted in other threads as well in case someone is looking for workaround)

In the meantime, while we wait (and hope) for a firmware fix that works, here is the current workaround:

1) Downgrade the APs to (download from Ruckus and select as manual upgrade).

2) Confirm APs are negotiating 802.3at not PoE.  (Assuming PoE source is PoE+.). If APs fail to negotiate 802.3at, speeds will be crippled - particularly the R720.  If needed, force the APs to 802.3at via command line.  (instructions available from Ruckus website, or I can provide)

Kudos to Basavaraj in Ruckus TAC for working with me for many hours of testing to get to the above temporary solution. 

Still baffling to me how this problem made it out the door for two major firmware releases why there was no knowledge base with support for a workaround.  A black eye for Ruckus engineering.  I hope they can rebuild the trust they had previously.

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This problem was resolved in Unleashed versions and, as reported in thread Slow Download Speeds R710 Unleashed.