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Ruckus Memory

New Contributor

Does the Ruckus systems have an internal memory? 


Our power goes out multiple times a year due to weather, and every time it goes out my Ruckus system forgets the network and I have to start from scratch and remake a ruckus network and reconnect everything to it. To say the least this is very annoying! 

Does the Ruckus system not have an internal memory for these instances or am I not configuring it correctly? 

If not, is there a product you recommend to remediate this issue? 


Hi @Smyff3 


Thanks for your response,


For further troubleshooting steps could you please share the image of the switch and the access points showing the LED status and the cable connections.


Here is where you can upload the image/photo :


you can also drag it to the chat.


Also please let us know whether you have tried accessing the switch CLI and entered the commands mentioned in the previous posts.


Please let us know if you have any queries in this regard.



Best regards,


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