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Ruckus AIR light is not On, but other lights are on router after power outage

New Contributor

After a power outage, my Ruckus router AIR light is not blinking and nor not on.  The other lights from the router are on.  I have tried numerous attempts to unplug, reset and even disconnect the router from the wall and connect it again.  I cannot access my network name that was created for the access point, but i can access the Frontier router.  How can I reconnect to my old router name?

I have a Ruckus R320 Series Unleashed




Can you please follow below to reconfigure it again ? Also can you confirm if this is a Lennar home setup ?

Best Regards


Yes, this is a Lennar home set up.   I'll view the video and follow....

New Contributor

Not only I can't see the Configure Me wifi, i cannot access

- I am using the providers internet because that's all I can access now and not my router of course.

I do not see the configure me on wifi.  I did several things yesterday:

- I reset the router as well as the switch.

- My wireless name is still on my devices as well as the main  one (frontier).

- I have attempted to log into unleashed or my frontier but my passcodes are not working.