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Ruckus 7150-C12 QOS settings Assist Please

New Contributor

I have an Amazon Smart House from Lennar. Ruckus 7150-C12 switch with (2) r510 Wireless Access points. 1 Gb Fiber to the door from ATT. I have an external Netgear AC-1900 USB 3 wireless adapter. Trying to move my office to part of the house that doesnt have a wired network jack. Everything generally works great except when I use Cisco Jabber and ZOOM for work phone calls and video meetings while connected via wireless. During these times, my audio when speaking is intermittently garbled to all listeners. When my PC is connected with CAT6 cable direct to the Ruckus Switch, everything is flawless. Looking for suggestions to help resolve this issue. This feels like a QOS settings issue, but I cant decipher the Ruckus QOS and Traffic Management Configuration Guide. I am familiar and comfortable with the console connection to the switch and command line work in the device. Just need some guidance as to the best settings for QOS. Any help or suggestions appreciated.


Contributor III

Hi Wyatt,

Qos settings on ICX 7150 doesn't look to be a problem here, How about connecting the PC direct to R510s ? 

Do you have any suggestions on connecting my own router between the Ruckus 7150 switch and my ATT modem? The ATT modem has few features that are available to configure myself. I am just trying to figure out how to make the Ruckus "see" my router - IQRouter from   Is there a specific port it would need to connect to? When I connect the router  between the ATT modem and the Ruckus switch, all devices lose connection to Internet. Is there a config setting(s) I would need to change on either the ATT modem, my router or the Ruckus?  Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

New Contributor

thank you I will try that