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Router with PoE+ recommendation for home use

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Any cost effective recommendations for a router to get DNS and DHCP, with PoE+ port for home use, to connect R550 APs?



Ok, let's try this again. Not sure why the emails aren't working, but thanks for the love on the YT content! I wasn't planning any more live streams on Twitch until after the first of the year, but if you think one more would help, I'm happy to do it.

That said, the 8 port switch you need is ICX7150-C08P-2X1G

I can't speak to other products that provide PoE, outside of PoE injectors since all I deal with is the ICX family.


Hrm, something might be going on with the forums, as I just put together a reply and it failed to post it. I'll post this one as a test.

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Thanks Matt. The problem is I will still be working when your you tube live stream. I will do my best to log in. But thanks for taking the time to do this. 

I am still not getting forum notifications for your posts. I will check the 8 port ICX today.

If you need juts one port, use PoE injector with any router. At home it definitely doesn't make sense to use PoE switch for just 1 PoE port , it's just not cost-effective. Except if you already have such switch handy...

Enterprise is different, it needs management of PoE, VLANs, and would not use SOHO Internet Gateway, so for enterprise using switch would be recommended option.

Ruckus are very stable APs, so you can safely injectors as you never need to reset PoE power to recover AP.  

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