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Resetting an already setup Lennar home

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We had tenants as the first people in our lennar home with the 7150 switch and a single AP.  We moved parents in after old tenants left but we never got the wi-fi password and it looks like switch password was set by either then or lennar. What’s going to be the best way to reset so i can get the ap going so i can. put the xfinity router into gateway mode and just use the ap?


Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Simrin,

If you don't know the username password of the Unleashed web console then you have to factory reset the AP.

I am assuming you have R510 AP being a Lennar home owner, findout the tiny hole near the ethernet port on AP and push the button with a paper clip. Now hold the reset button for 12 seconds and then release it.

Doing above will factory reset the AP and then you can re-setup it either by connecting WLAN/SSID or connect a laptop to one of the switch ports available on your ICX7150 and then try to access "" this will allow you to setup the AP again and set new admin password and network. 

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Hello  I need some help.  I have a Lennar home and a Ruckus R320.  After the hurricane it stopped working.  I contacted Ruckus and I was lucky they mailed me a replacement.  I just received it but not sure what needs to be done once I plug back in.  I plugged it into the ceiling and two green lights are on.  I am following the steps and it says to sign into Configure.Me XXXX I do not get anything like this on my WIFI.  Can you help as it seems Ruckus and Lennar are no longer working together.  I've also tried and webpage no longer there.  

I have same issue - tried so many times - but it doesnt get reset. it still shows me "Lennar-xxxxx" instead, I am expecting it to show "" - please help.

just fyi - I have primary WAP installed inside a QnQ panel in closet - I am resetting from here. do I need to reset the ones installed on ceiling?


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As this case is raised by @simrin_grewal which is very old and closed.

To avoid confusion with posts, you can create your own post with the above description of the network issue and what you've done so that we can guide you properly.

Thank you again for understanding.


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