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Re: MAC Filtering

New Contributor II

Hi Ben,

I'm running 08.0.95gt211 I just updated to this image file last week and that's when I noticed the issue. Is there a later one I should be on?

I went through 2 firmware updates to get to this one, don't really want to do more if I don't have to. I am not a network engineer so it was a bit stressful a couple of times. Would be a lot easier if the app, web interface, or GUI would just let me do an update and it loads everything automatically.

"Show Run" says I have a mac filter for port 11 

  • Looks like the mac filter is on for port 11 to only permit the mac address I gave (which is good). However, what if I wanted to clear this? 
  • I don't mind opening a support case, but last time I did I was told they don't support Lennar home owners anymore. Would you like me to submit one anyway?