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Previously Occupied Lennar Home

New Contributor

Hello, I recently moved into a previously occupied Lennar home and am trying to set up the ruckus network. Unfortunately I have little to no experience with networks other than buying a router and plugging it in. 
I purchased a Netgear router and was able to establish that internet and wifi, but when I plug my Ruckus ICX 7150 into it I’m not able to get that functioning. Doing some browsing on forums it suggested a factory reset of the ICX, I did that but was still not able to find the “Configure Me” network.  Further suggestions recommended resetting one of the other devices installed on my ceiling.  I held the reset button on that which prompted the power light to go red, but otherwise I still haven’t seen anything I can set up or configure. Any help would be appreciated for a beginner. Thank you -JS