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Physical Factory Reset an Access Points Ruckus


Please read carefully all the instructions before proceeding.

1 ) If you have more than one Access Point (AP) in your house, please go to the Ruckus Switch (located in the panel) and disconnect from its ports the Ethernet cables of all the Access Points, except the one that you are going to work with.

2) It’s preferred to keep connected to the Switch the Access Point that is acting as MASTER. You can recognize which is this device, because is the only one with the CTL light in SOLID green.


3 ) After you made the previous steps, go to the Access Point that is still ON, and find the RESET button that is in the rear side of the device.




4 ) Introduce a paper clip or a similar implement and push the button. Once the Power Light is red, count 15-20 seconds  and release the button.

Note: Sometimes this process has to be done more than once in order to have the Reset Factory properly done.

5 ) After the reset is complete the PWR LED  will initial be solid red indicating boot up in process, then blinks green light indicating that the system is in factory default state.

6 ) A new wireless network should be displaying :

The name of this new Wi-Fi network is 'CONFIGURE.ME-XXXXXX' (the X represents the last 6 digits of the MAC address of the AP). You can customize this network easily using the Unleashed Ruckus App that you have to download to your phone.


Video Factory reset  ( minute 2:35 ) link :

7 )  We recommend you this video for creating your WIFI using the APP. You can find all the precise instructions if you watch the video from the minute 1.12


Note: We Do NOT RECOMEND to enable MESH in the Lennar Home user since all APs are wired.

8 ) Once the process it's finished, connect back to the Ruckus Switch the access points that you disconnected before, and they will connect into the network automatically after a few minutes.