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New home owner. Resetting old home owners Wifi not reconnecting after AP factory reset

New Contributor

I’m a new home owner and need to reset the Wifi information. I have factory reset my ruckus unleashed R510 AP, which there are two.  I unplugged the second one and did a reset on the other. I have the unleaded app installed on my iOS device. It shows configure me SSID and I was able to connect. I then set it up and waited the 4min to configure. After that passed I then tried to connect to my newly configured SSID but iOS just spins and will not reconnect. I have FORGOT the SSID and still will not connect. I have two APs and did the same steps on both. I do have the RUCKUS ICX7150-c12p-2x1g switch. It was also factory reset in my attempt to fix this issue. Any suggestions?