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New Lennar house: middle R510 WAP won't join Unleashed network

New Contributor II

Hi, I bought a new Lennar house recently, and having a maddening time trying to get the middle R510 Ruckus WAP to work correctly. There are 3 in the house, the bottom floor, middle floor, and top floor.

I was able to set up for the top and bottom, but the middle never joined the Unleashed network automatically, and even after hard resetting it via the button, it would still broadcast the Lennar-xx network. Until finally today I got around to hooking up an ethernet cable from the middle WAP to a laptop, factory reset it, got it on the latest firmware, etc., I got it to Configure.Me.

But I want it to join the rest of the WAPs. Can you help me run diagnostics to see what's going on? See the image below, it shows 2 Masters. This is before I factory reset it.

Image_ images_messages_5fb6e7fd8af6d66266cd9fb7_33b57c6b056c2b204b16fb79ac960f4a_ScreenShot20201119at11.47.52AM-702b991d-a47f-40a6-9414-bcaa8ea5804d-1617873826.png