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ICX 7150-C12P ports lights are off

New Contributor
So I have this switch installed at my house as a part of like many here, Lennar installed it. Well the problem I am seeing on it is that all the lights in the RJ45 ports where all my cable devices are connected are off. I already update the device to the last version I think, through the web console. The devices connected through wire seems to be working fine but it is strange that suddenly all those lights are off. Anyone have a clue? Really appreciate the help of all the experts in here. Thanks

RUCKUS Team Member
Is the switch powering up ? What is the state of each LED placed on the switch ? 


New Contributor III
Hi Gabriel! What software version is your ICX running? In 8.0.92 a command has been introduced to turn on or off all port LEDs. Try this in enable mode:
led default

Watch a short video explaining the use of this feature:


This doesn't work command was depreciated. 

New Contributor III

Hi Brandon,

No, it's not deprecated. The command is not available on all ICX models though. Here's what the 9.0 documentation says:

"The LED ON/OFF feature is supported only on the platforms where LED status mode is available. The status mode is supported on the ICX 7150, ICX 7650, and ICX 7850 devices."