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Multiple R310 access points

New Contributor

Hello everyone, 

For many years I am using R310 unleashed at my home, I have two R310 and 1 R320 and they were all configured as one SSID (They all have same firmware version). Other day I had power outage and since I can only get one of these to work at the time, either one will work if it is only one plugged in, If I plug other two only one will work, other two will have PWR led on and CTL led blinking, I tried many things however nothing worked. I then decided to do factory reset and start all over again, I setup one AP and then plug other one however none of the other two will pick up master. I can see configurme SSID. Any ideas what can be done? These were plugged in to my ISP modem that has 4 ports, same one I use last several years. Thank you all in advance