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Most common Setups for Lennar homes users


This is a reference on how to connect devices in the most common Lennar setups 

There must be a modem and a router to connect the ICX 7150-C12p, it must be plugged into one of the twelve ports (the middle ones).

Note: It can be a 'modem' and 'router'  or 'Modem router combo', it does not necessarily have to be 2 separate devices, you can ask to your ISP which devices they installed at your home to be sure.

1) In the next following examples you will see where there is coaxial cable goes to the modem, then an Ethernet cable goes to one of the 2 available ports on your modem which connects to the router into the internet port.

Then in one of the available LAN ports in your Router should be a cable (ethernet) that goes to 1 of the 12 ports in to the ICX -7150-C12P , in these ports is where everything that needs to be connected wired should go example (cameras/doorbell/computers etc.) 







2) In the Below example is a Modem/Router Combo where only needs to connect the orange cable from the Router/modem to 1 of the 12 ports available in the ICX 7150-C12p.


Network.jpg.5aea09e8c1decbd00f19895b78569118 (1).jpg

Devices :

1-ICX-7150-C12p ( Ruckus switch ) 

Function : Provides Power over Ethernet to the connected wireless access point or any other devices ( Camera )  that needs to be power up via a Ethernet cable  and connectivity ( like PC / desktop /  TV … )  through 1 of the 12 ports in the middle .


2-Access Point R510/R310 ( AP )

Function : Provides Wireless Connectivity to the devices needed to connect through wireless at your home/building.