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Mobile App Login

New Contributor

Need assistance with the Unleashed Mobile App as I have tried several times to login and keep getting an error message stating that my login credentials are incorrect. I even went ahead and re-set the password and still same error. Is there anything else I could do to be able to login successfully?

thank you!


This same thing has happened to me 4 times now. I had access to a live person before that would remote in and fix the issue but not anymore. The community forum is worthless and at this point the Ruckus is worthless equipment just sitting on my wall. Nobody responds or fixes the issues they just send links that send us back to the forums. Looks like another ball dropped by Lennar because they wanted to stop paying someone to support their customers after the sale of the homes. I think we're on our own here. I know I'm not much help, but I hope the moderator sees how bad of an experience this is and can escalate to someone that can make a change.

I’m sad to hear others are also sharing in the misery. I hope you le issue gets resolved soon, I’m now not getting any power to the ceiling units and will have to cross my fingers I get a resolution/help anytime this month.