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Lennar Home - Wifi issues

New Contributor

I haver a new Lennar home and we have random power surges.  Everytime the wifi becomes intermittently non responsive, sluggish, and all smart home devices are non-responsive or extremely delayed.  I have tried, unplugging router, doing a hard reset on AP, but no success this time.  Is there documentation on how to configure the AP on the Ruckus dashboard.  Maybe I am missing something.  Any other suggestions?



New Contributor III

Maybe I'm stating the obvious but the power surges need to be addressed before you can tell if you have any Ruckus issues. I'm also in a Lennar home. The AP's take 7-10 mins to reboot and come online after a power outage or reboot. You did say surge though so maybe that is messing with the AP's. Do they lose power? 

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New Contributor

Yes, momentarily the power goes out.  I'm told it happens frequently in this area.  I am going to get a UPS for router and ISP modem/gateway, but right now can't seem to get things back to normal.  The power surge was Saturday and it's not been right since.

Hi there - 

That's an odd situation. How many APs do you have in the house? Since the ICX is the main power source for them, having a UPS on it would be your best bet.

When you look at your Unleashed dashboard, are all of your APs still up and in the mesh, or are any offline?

As stated above, the R510 does take about 5-10 minutes to fully boot, but I can't imagine you'd have issues once the mesh is back up and fully functional.

There are a few things you can try power wise - do you have access to the CLI of the ICX?