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Lennar Connected Home ICX 7150-c12p R510 AP Setup

New Contributor
I purchased a Lennar home with a ICX 7150 and R510 AP.  The wifi signal was broadcasting the Lennar assigned SSID and the ConfigureME-XXXX.  I downloaded the android app and connected to the ConfigureME net and followed the steps.  That's where I'm stuck.  I don't see the SSID I assigned during setup.  I can connect to the AP with Lennar provided password, but I don't get an external IP.  I had an old wireless router and it works, so I know the connection is good thru the modem.  When I go back to the mobile app and try to access the app it says I'm not connected to the network and then takes me to the network settings.  When I did the initial setup with the Unleashed APP, I picked the typical install.

I've done router setup for other manufactures, but this has me stumped.  Can someone point me to the documentation or explain how I can get this configured and maybe explain what I did in the setup with the mobile app?

Contributor III
I tend not to use the mobile app since sometimes I tend to have connection issues with the app on iOS. I prefer using the webbrower through a laptop or desktop... have you tried doing that? Are you using the modem/router provided by your broadband provider? If you can find out the IP of the ruckus then you can log into it direct via ip.

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi James,

   We've collected some hopefully helpful articles, videos, and documentation for Lennar and our other "Ruckus at Home" customers. 
Please have a look here, and let me know if the KBAs or videos help you find your SSID?

New Contributor
Does this installation in the lennar homse (ICX 7150-C12P & two R510 AP's) require an additional router/fw that will be supplying the DNS and DHCP to the ruckus equipment?  

I've tried the wireless app and then switched to using the web app to login to the equipment. It seems that the installers only went part of the way through the installation since there was no Internet connection when they did their portion of the install. 

I'd really like to see a diagram of how things are expected to be connected.

Thank you!

Esteemed Contributor II

    I've asked for a copy of what networking diagrams the Amazon installers use, not sure I've seen one. 

    And for all customers with Lennar homes or our Ruckus at Home solution (ICX switch, Unleashed
APs, and the Mobile App) please share ideas and inputs in this newly created Category: