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Internet disconnecting and reconnecting every 15min at times

New Contributor
  1. I am not able to consistently use the unleash app sometimes I can get into the app and view my issues and most of the day it says: “Unable to reach unleashed network remotely. Ensure this unleashed network has internet connection and remote management is enabled.” (I am logging in from my normal device no changes to users)
  2. Internet is dropping from “all” devices using with any of the Ruckus access points. (Honeywell thermostat gives me notifications every 15mintues that the device is not connected to the internet)
  3. I can log onto my computer to see the unleashed network information and it appears everything is connected, and the software is update. I have not made any changes since purchasing my Lennar home. Internet company came out checked everything on 1/7/2023 and ran test and the internet is working fine for their end.

I clicked on trouble shooting and I picked the honey well device, it originally received “Reason: (code 6) Received class2 frame from non-auth STA” and then continued to try and trouble shoot is continues to ask me if I want to extend trouble shooting for the past 30 minutes. I am not familiar with Ruckus troubleshooting and need help figuring out what is wrong. I am not able to work using the internet due to this issue and then issue has been going on for weeks.