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Increasing speed to Ruckus R510 APs

New Contributor
I have 2 Ruckus ZoneFlex R510's and Ruckus ICX 7150-c12p switch. I recently upgraded to AT&T 1000mbps internet but am only getting wireless speeds up to 300's, maybe 400's even when I am right by the AP. Any suggestions on how to improve speeds? These were installed as part of my new home with Lennar.


I understand that. But if he's only getting 400mbps while bypassing ruckus hardware (plugged straight into at&t hardware) then he has another issue with his ISP.

yeah.. that too...  so there's 2 problems..

Jeff, when you tested the hardwired connection was it directly from the ATT router?

Contributor III
Oh yeah... seems you are using unleashed firmware 200.7.x or greater right? I recommend you go back down the unleashed firmware 200.6.x..  However,  for the fastest speeds.. then 200.4.x 

There is a known speed issue especially with iOS devices... Ruckus is finally aware of the issue.. and is working on a fix, but might take some time.. Note if you roll back to eariier firmware it'll reset the APs to default and you'll have to reconfigure it.. saving settings won't help when going backwards. 

There is a whole forum discussion on this.. but I'm one of the ones who I spent a lot of time testing.. and working along with Ruckus support on it and providing them back data.

If you like you can contact lennar home builder and ruckus and complain about it so at least let them know another user is affected by this issue since I know initially ruckus had issue reproducing it in a lab.  From what I can tell this issue impacts only Ruckus 802.11ac Wave 2 APs only and can only be reproduced in certain RF conditions.. not necessary all conditions which is why some people don't have an issue.