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Increasing speed to Ruckus R510 APs

New Contributor
I have 2 Ruckus ZoneFlex R510's and Ruckus ICX 7150-c12p switch. I recently upgraded to AT&T 1000mbps internet but am only getting wireless speeds up to 300's, maybe 400's even when I am right by the AP. Any suggestions on how to improve speeds? These were installed as part of my new home with Lennar.


New Contributor III
There are a lot of things that can affect speed. Protocol, channel, antenna, switches, ethernet cabling, interference, etc. etc. etc.
Are you connecting on 2.4ghz/5ghz radio? over what protocol? Do you see the same speed results with different devices? What are you using to test your speed? Are you getting full speed on a wired device?

Here are the supported data rates per the spec sheet of the ZF R510:
  • 802.11n/ac: 6.5Mbps – 173.4Mbps (20MHz)
  • 13.5Mbps – 400Mbps (40MHz)
  • 29.3Mbps – 867Mbps (80MHz)
  • 802.11a: 54, 48, 36, 24, 18, 12, 9 and 6Mbps
  • 802.11b: 11, 5.5, 2 and 1 Mbps
  • 802.11g: 54, 48, 36, 24, 18, 12, 9 and 6 Mbps

Keep in mind that the high end of those data rates are going to be under pristine conditions.

New Contributor
I tested on a hardwire connection and got about 400 down and 900 up. I've seen similar speeds on multiple devices connected to the 5ghz channel. I'm not sure over what protocol (Not very tech savvy but trying to learn) I tried establishing a specific channel based on the Wifi Analyzer app, but that didn't seem to help so I reset it to to auto channel) I'm using the Speedtest app, says my ping is 3ms, speeds are usually in the 200s on my smart phone (there are times speeds are less than 100 but I disconnect/reconnect to WiFi and speeds increase dramatically, which makes me believe the phone has an issue). Even when running wireless tests directly under the AP speeds have never been over 500mbps.

Check out my Speedtest result! How fast is your internet?

So on a wired connection directly into your AT&T router/modem you're only getting 400 down? That sounds like a problem with AT&T, not ruckus.

try the speedtest here as well as

Vincent, there is an actually problem with unleashed firmware 200.7.x  and 200.8.x while some started indicating issues with the newest sz firmware too.... It's taken a while for Ruckus Tech support to finally reproduce problems in their lab with unleashed... but I think issue also impacts their Zone Director and Smart Zone platform too..