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ICX7150 running x.95 and unable to connect to Unleashed (it stuck at connecting)

New Contributor

I thought I followed the correct method to setup a telent and webclient and issue crypto keys and username and password but alas the switch won't show up in the Unleashed app under switches. 



Hi @dariusz_basiaga 

I would like to know if you are Lennar home user , since some times the switch is running routing code (SPR08095d) (L3) and for this type of setups and configuration ( since you already have a Router on your regular setup ) , it has some troubles for the connectivity for home users.

As I can see you are having troubles adding the ICX to the unleashed dhabsoard, I will share with you some guides to follow up

1-Made sure that the ICX is in the same subnet ( network) as the APs run a

ICX7150-48P #show ip address

2-Unleashed side:

3-ICX configuration and steps:

4-Please ping the ICX from the unleashed dashboard I believe is in

Admin & Services > Administer >Diagnostics> Network Connectivity page.

Some tips I can give you is to run the following commands:

ICX7150-48P (config)#Crypto key generate


ICX7150-48P (config)#Username admin password admin

ICX7150-48P (config)#aaa authentication login default local

Then in the unleashed dashboard you have to go to switches and use the same credentials you ran as the example admin/admin

I hope this helps !!