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ICX7150 flashing amber

New Contributor


My switch has had an issue rebooting for the last year when power is interrupted. It goes into system failure - system light amber. Once i reset, after a few attempts, it would go back to normal.

Now however, the reset leads to flashing amber.  

Please advise next steps. 


Thank you. 



Hi @Alikhancpa 


Greetings of the day,


Based on your description, the issue may be due to after the blackout of the switch began to run routing. We can know it with this indication SPR08090d that R it means Routing code , basically we have to change the code to switching back.

Here I share the basic credentials to access the switch and also to access to the unleashed dashboard.
User: admin Password: Lennar
User: admin Password: Ruckus!
user: super Password: sp-admin
User: admin Password: password
User: admin Password: admin
User: admin Password: sp-admin
User: admin Password: Ruckus1
User: admin Password: ruckus

Please find the below password recovery video:

Another option will be in the OS mode to try to force the device to boot up from the primary image

OS>reset 1

Boot from 0->reload, 1->primary, 2->secondary

If you can have access to the switch you can run the following commands in order to prevent this issue in the future

ICX7150-24P Router> ena
ICX7150-24P Router# show flash

Most of the Lennar homes has the switching code in the primary image (SPS08090d) with the following command we are going to remove the routing code image in to the secondary in order to avoid this issue if there is any power outage in the future

ICX7150-24P Router# copy flash flash secondary


Best regards,


Lennar Home Community


That router/switch issue was fixed months ago.   At this point, it’s not even working.  Lights are just flashing amber. There is no connecting, no PoE, nothing. Resetting using pin and restarting leads to system led solid amber. 

New Contributor II

I am having same exact issue and not being able to get support on the phone is very disappointing. 

I have been down for 12 hours and my entire home network depends upon this switch.

All the solutions I see assumes the customer knows what the tech is talking about.

I have no clue, just need my issue resolved by a professional.