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I literally don't even know where to start! To fix my Ruckus ICX 7150-C12P system.

New Contributor II

I see these Ruckus helpers talking about a switch account or something like that? Don't even know how to get there. All I've done is create this account for this forum to try to get help. I was never given any other information about my new ruckus wireless system, other than the boxes it came in and was told to call my home builder if I had any issues... and of course absolutely no one can help me now that I have an issue less than 2 years being in my new home. Not even someone I can talk to on the phone. So, where do I start? All I know is that one of my R510 access points wasn't working properly and had an orange light and anything that would connect to it wouldn't work but my other R510 access point did have all green lights on and anything that connected to that one would work just fine. So I disconnected any device that was near that access point from the WAP wifi and just connected it to the regular wifi. But since I was having such a hassle with my devices constantly connecting to the one access point that didn't work whenever they got close enough to it, I decided to restart (power off and power back on) the entire WAP system to see if it would possibly reset or fix itself, witch it didn't, and I tried that a few times with no luck. After a few days of trying that the one R510 access point that was working ok also started not working when my devices would connect to it, although it still had all green lights on. So, I decided to just power off the entire WAP system and just work off the regular router/modem wifi that my internet provider provides. So again, where do I start?