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Had a power surge last night at my Lenner home and now I have no working equipment

New Contributor

My switch seems to be okay with green lights but my phone can’t find the wifi name anymore.  My 1st floor access point has a solid red light and the 2nd floor has a solid CTL green light and a green flashing PWR light.  I tried factory reset but nothing has changed


Hi @sjanik 

Thank you for the response and the information.

Based on the troubleshooting done, and you confirm after performing the reset of the Access Point, and checking all the connectivity and connections, the failure persists. And this is the only ONE access point that isn’t working with Red PWR LED on it even after checking with an external power adapter it behaves the same. This ONE Access Point Unit Should be RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) in simple words replacing it.

Feel free to contact us via chat, comment you already have a post, copy the link from the post (URL), and paste it into the chat to start the unit replacement.

Please follow the steps as shown in the below example:

As shown in the picture, copy the link and share it via chat from the link provided below:

The below link is to contact us by chat (only)

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Please let me know if you have any queries in this regard.


Best regards,

Imran Sanadi

RUCKUS Lennar Home Community.

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Hello @sjanik 


Thank you for reaching out to RUCKUS Lennar Home Community.

We appreciate the information provided regarding the issues you're experiencing with your RUCKUS setup following a power outage.

To better assist you, could you please provide us with a picture of your ICX-7150-C12P Switch? We kindly request that the picture captures the cable connections to the Switch ports, as shown in the example picture provided below:

Prior to uploading the photos, please ensure you are logged in to your RUCKUS account. You can then proceed to upload the image for our review.

Once we receive the requested image, we will be better equipped to provide you with further assistance. 

If you have any queries or require additional clarification, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience as we work to resolve this matter.


Best regards,

Imran Sanadi
RUCKUS Lennar Home Community

I attached two pictures of the Ruckus ICX and also a picture of the 1st floor access point with solid red light and the 2nd floor access point with solid green CTL light and slow flashing green PWR light

IMG_0869.jpegIMG_0870.jpeg1st floor R5101st floor R5102nd Floor R5102nd Floor R510

Hello @sjanik 

Warm greetings to you! I trust this message finds you well.

Thank you for your response and the detailed information provided.

To address the connectivity issue with your RUCKUS Access Points (APs), I recommend the following steps:

1. Please unplug the ethernet cables connecting your RUCKUS Access Points (APs) from the current ports on the RUCKUS ICX-7150-C12P Switch.

2. Plug these ethernet cables into any other available 1-in-12 ports on the switch, as illustrated in the screenshot provided.

3. After repositioning the cables, proceed to reboot the RUCKUS Switch by unplugging it from the power outlet and then plugging it back in.

4. Once the switch has rebooted, please verify the internet connectivity status.

Please follow these steps and confirm if they resolve the issue.

Thank you once again for your cooperation and patience. Should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out.


Best regards,

Imran Sanadi
RUCKUS Lennar Home Community

I completed the steps and it did not fix the issue