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Getting about 90Mbps up and 90Mbps down on one AP only while 400Mbps to 500 Mps on the other.

New Contributor

I recently moved into a Lennar Home that has two R510's, one upstairs and one downstairs, and an ICX 7150-C12P.  Initially I could not connect to anything on the network until I conducted a reset of the AP's and of the ICX switch.  Once reset was done I was able to access the Unleashed network and create SSID.  The Issue I am having now is that if I go upstairs and connect to the wifi I get 400 to 500 Mbps.  If I go downstairs and disconnect from the Unleashed network, connect to the ATT network, then reconnect to the Unleashed network it appears to force my device to connect to the AP downstairs...and this is where the problem starts.  The speed on the AP seems to be at 90-95 Mbps no matter what device I connect to it.  

Any idea's what is causing that one AP to throttle the speed so much?  

PS: I am extremely new to RUCKUS and the AP/ICX switches so if you can...dumb it down for me 🙂


New Contributor

So while continuing to review the AP, the settings and anything else I could think of I think I identified what the issue is as reviewing the ethernet port status it shows the Physical Link at: Up 100Mbps (which explains the 90Mbps speed) and the other AP is at 1000Mbps.

No idea how to fix this tho.

New Contributor III

Your issue with 100Mbps being auto-selected versus 1Gb could have several causes. The first is the cable is faulty or noisy and the auto-negotiation process can't get anymore than 100Mbps. Can you test or replace the cable (even temporarily)? Unmount the AP and bring it close enough to the switch to try a new cable. The second is that there could be a port issue on your switch or AP. Try another port on the switch, look at the port logs to see if it reports an issue when the AP is plugged in. Similarly, if you can get access to the console log on the AP, look for messages during the boot process to see why the ethernet might be compromised.