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Do I need a router?

New Contributor II
I'm new to Ruckus and am unfamiliar with the networking equipment.

I have an Arris Surfboard SB6183 modem, a Ruckus ICX 7150-c12p switch, and 2 Ruckus R510 access points.

With this, do I also need a router or does one of the listed Ruckus devices act as one? I am trying to setup Ruckus Unleashed but am having a lot of problems. If I do need a router, any suggestions on routers compatible with Ruckus devices for home use?

If I do need to use a router, it will be a Ubiquiti Edge 4. However, I work IT and would prefer to use the ICX switch as the router if it supports that. I have no problem flashing the firmware, I'm just unfamiliar with the equipment.

If you do a "show flash" and see an SPS080xxx.bin it is switch firmware.  If you see SPR080xxx.bin it is Layer-3 firmware.  By convention the secondary slot holds layer-3 firmware (routing capable) and the primary holds switching firmware, though you can run either from either slot.

You can do a "show boot-preference" to see which slot should boot.

A "show ver" should show you which version booted and primary or secondary.

Personally, I wouldn't hook an ICX directly to the Internet.  I would connect a firewall for that.  I have no idea how Lennar Homes configures them being I don't have that home-builder.  That said I have configured hundreds of ICX switches in countless different configurations.


I have very similar setup to yours at my house. One of the WAPs can act as a router.

Here is what I did:

1. Install Unleashed Firmware of both R510 (download from support website)
2. Configure the Unleashed network
3. Switch one of your WAPs into Router mode
4. Configure the router with Public IP or get DHCP from Surfboard
5. Plug in your LAN into any switch and enjoy


I’ve faced similar dilemma and as hyak suggested deployed an ISP approved modem/router and disabled the WiFi and connected to 610 AP in gateway mode. It’s working for now anyway.

 I too had a surfboard modem but the consensus seemed to be that without a router, it wasn’t secure. 
I too would love to take advantage of my icx switch (for Poe to 610, eth access, etc) but have yet to find any IT/networking consultant who will take the required time to setup—and have no access to enterprise-level folks.

 My icx 7150-24p has been sitting in a box for two years—Poe doesn’t work, cannot be factory reset using manual procedure and cannot access it. Shame after spending ~ $2,000. 

If you bought it from a ruckus authorized dealer it should have limited lifetime warranty..