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Creating separate VLAN on R510 access points (Lennar configuration)

New Contributor II
I just recently purchased a Lennar home, which comes with the following setup:

- ICX 12port switch
- 3 R510 APs

Because Amazon cannot come out due to Covid-12, I went ahead and configured / set everything up myself. Most of it was very familiar, as I am coming from a Ubiquiti setup in the past.

Anyways, I went ahead and setup my home network as follows:

- Arris Modem
- Ubiquiti Security Gateway Router (firewall / DHCP)
- Pi-Hole (DNS)
- ICX switch
  - upgraded to latest firmware and bootrom
- Access points
 - upgraded to latest firmware

Everything works great, and I am very happy.

Now as the next step, I would like to setup the R510s to provide a separate WVLAN for all my IoT devices. With the WVLAN setup, I would like the following:

- Internal LAN/WLAN to be able to communicate with the WVLAN IoT network
- IoT network not visible? Not sure if this is possible, but I would rather not have the IoT network visible as a public network anyone can see (when searching for WiFi)


New Contributor II
Hi daniel.

1. Create a VLAN for your IOT devices on the switch and an the firewall.
2. make the AP's port and the ports connected to the switch as trunk.
3.Create a SSID for your IOT devices , under knees of that you can find a option called VLAN pooling. just put the VLAN ID you have create for IOT.

for more quarries you can directly reach out  via mail.

Harekrishna Mondal,