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Connect H510 to R320 WLAN

New Contributor

My new home came with four of these Ruckus R320 wireless access points to provide coverage throughout the home.  Unfortunately, Lennar being Lennar, that’s all they provided, so there are no wired connections anywhere in the house and it’s difficult to run any cabling to connect my NAS and my home computer which are both wired devices. I researched and thought I’d found a potential solution in the form of the H510 wireless access point. However, I don’t seem to be able to make any progress toward getting this device to see and connect to the mesh WLAN that I have set up on my R320 devices.  All I want is for this H510 to allow me to connect several wired devices to the Ruckus network. Is that possible? The H510 seems to want to set up its own WLAN.