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Can't find my network after completing the setup wizard

New Contributor III
After completing the Ruckus set up wizard, I finally come to the "Congratulations" screen. Once I clicked "Finish" I still cannot seem to find the network that I JUST set up. Please help!

I have a USB-C cord that connects to the switch but does nothing when I plug it in.

Contributor III
I see it seems you are in one of Lennar smart homes. Did you set it up on The unleashed smart phone app? Anyway, try rebooting both r510 by power off the ICX switch in media structured box where all the networking stuff goes to. just unplug the power to the main switch and plug it back in. See if rebooting the APs will help.

I did not use the mobile app. I was able to get to the configure on my mac and factory reset the system. I went through the set-up wizard and got to the "Congratulations" page. Once I hit the "Finished" button, it did not show up on my wireless networks. Nor could I connect to the admin log in page.

I unplugged the switch and let it sit off for a few minutes. Nothing happened once it booted back up.

Should I reset the switch AS WELL as the two AP's in the house??