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AP cannot reconnect after disconnect for 2 months

New Contributor II

Hello everyone,

I have registered almost 30 of APs (R650) into the Ruckus One cloud. Some of them were disconnected as our office was under renovation and so I couldn't mount the APs.

After roughly two months of time when I connect them back, it cannot get in touch with the Ruckus One anymore.



1. Checked the IP, it still working when PING to the IP address.

2. SSH to the IP, it prompts for the login, but since it's registered, cannot access into it.

3. MAC address shown in the switch is correct.

4. Having checked the firewall, and there are no blocking. It can go through the firewall just like the other working APs from our network.

5. From the 4 APs, I hard reset one of the AP, do the registration again, and it works fine.

*** Edit *** 6. The LEDs on the problem APs shows 5G and 2.4G LEDs in amber colour. AIR is off. CTL is blinking slowly in green. PWR is green.

So, is there any way I can check what has happened to the Ruckus One? Or is there any way that I can access to the AP to check what is missing or what? 

Thanks in advance,




RUCKUS Team Member

Thank you for your question, in this case since the access points were disconnected for roughly two months, we will need to double-check the current AP firmware, cloud updates could have taken place during the idle time.

You can try to factory reset one of the access points and then access it using default credentials, "super" and "sp-admin", the reason why we want to do the factory reset is because otherwise, you will need to open a support case for us to help you access the units with the cloud credentials since they received at some point the cloud configuration update.

Once in, make sure we still can ping "" from the AP, you can also check the current AP status running "get acx" or "get scg" on standalone firmware, the AP needs to have DNS configured and NTP should be the current date, you can check that running "get ntp"

To check AP firmware run "get version" and compare that one to the current venue version, if it looks too old you can do the factory reset on the other impacted units and check again. As a last resource you can update them to standalone firmware after the factory reset if any are still not joining, you can find the required standalone firmware for the R650 model right below:

RUCKUS Solo Access Point Release (R650)[Software%20Downloa...]


Jose Arce | Cloud Technical Support Engineer