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how to configure the zoned directory 1200 and how to add the ap's to that zone directory

New Contributor
we have the zone directory 1200 how can i add the ap s in the zone directory please share any documentation 

New Contributor III
Hi - We have a range of videos on the ZoneDirector on our YouTube channel here:

The specific module for joining access points is shown below.

It's a good idea to view some of the previous modules first for guidance on configuring the system before joining the access points.

Good luck!

Neil Mac

Valued Contributor II
if AP and controller are in same L2 subnet then if AP receive IP from same L2 subnet then AP will discover the controller auto.

If AP and controller are in different network then you can force the AP to discover the controller by running CLI commands using SSH/Putty

set director ip

example : set director ip

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