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error keeps switching tabs

New Contributor
I own a oneplus 2 (android system), What i do: 1)in the browser choose the relevant server conected to the network i am using.

2) login

3) open the download link, download go back and press the link again

4)The app that opens where you login with your account details, once i login the app switches tabs to whatever was behind it if nothing else then home screen.

When going back to the app afterwards it either gives the error when you havnt gone through the link or is just back at the login page again for the same probelm to occur if attempted.

I'm not sure of the reason as it was an ok settup on my laptop only having to fix DNS problem. Any ideas to help i have restarted phone, uninstalled, reinstall and cleared relevant cache.

Thank you very much for any help and response.

Hi Henry, what is the name of the app, you are using? What are you trying to manage by installing the app? What Ruckus products do you have?