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Successor of ZoneFlex 7372 ?

New Contributor II
Hello. I ask here on behalf. A large building was equipped with several ZoneFlex 7372 just a few years ago. Now another floor is to be equipped with it (perhaps 3-5 transmitters) and integrated into the system. Now I have noticed that the ZoneFlex 7372 is no longer available. My question is, is there a successor to the ZoneFlex 7372? With which one can extend the existing plant? I would be very happy about a tip. (I am from Germany and I have used a translator for this text)


Valued Contributor
Hi M Z,

The Ruckus R510 is the successor to the ZF7372 access point.

The R510 is a similar specification device (2x2:2).  However it will provide increased performance (depending on clients) as it is uses the newer 802.11ac W2 Wi-Fi standard and benefits from being approximately 4 years newer.

One consideration you need to make, is if you are using a Ruckus WLAN controller (most likely a ZoneDirector), you will need to ensure that the software version is able to work with both the existing ZF7372 and the new R510 APs.  The earliest ZoneDirector version to support R510 is 9.13.  This release also supports ZF7372.

I hope that helps!

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Hello,  A direct replacement for the ZF7372 would be the R510, fully supported on our cloud solution  (or any other Ruckus controller you might want to use). As an additional bonus it does support our IoT solution too. Hope this helps, but do feel free to repeat your question in German.

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Thank you very much.
This information helped me a lot.

New Contributor II
I have 2 more questions please:
- Where can I get this software update? And what does this software cost approx?
- Would it also work with a ZoneFlex R600?

Much Thanks in advance.