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Web filtering and click through options in same ssid

New Contributor III
Hello I have a client who is interested in using a specific SSID (among other SSID that he wishes to use within his business network) that will handle guests visiting their various branch offices. Since the same guest SSID will be broadcasted in all these different branches, the client wants this SSID network to be as simple as possible. He requires to implement only three things:
a) Click through login for guests
b) Disclaimer/Terms and Conditions (for user to accept when logging)
c) Web Filtering capabilities

Now the problem we are facing is that these two options can be found in two different Ruckus controller options. Option a) and b) is found in the Cloud controller version and option c) is found in Smartzone and Virtual Smartzone option.. This is at least what we found when trying different scenarios. My question here is, are we missing something? Is it possible to configure such an SSID with all these options stated above in either controller environment? (either cloud or virtual)

We also heard rumors that soon cloud will be updated and it will contain a web filtering solution, so if that happens then our problem will be resolved.. Can anyone confirm this???

Thank you

Hello Phal and thank you for your reply..!!! Is it possible that we have an approximate date for the web-filtering in cloud solution? Or at least is it possible that you can direct us to an appropriate person to ask for this kind of information? Client will go through with this project in around a month or so... We also have an upcoming project which will have similar requirements and will include installing WiFi APs in around 200 remote locations (expected in summer) Ruckus Cloud will be an excellent option to offer for these projects, but web filtering is a must..!!!!!!!!!!!

I understand the importance of web filtering. Just curious: do you have a firewall on-site (per site)? Usually all firewalls provide web filtering option/license and good thing about on-site firewalls is that the rules will apply to both wireless and wired clients - so you have one uniform policy for all devices no matter how they connect. 

That said, as per when we will have URL filtering in cloud, we would want to discuss roadmap separately. Let me know how we can reach you. You can email and we can take it from there.

Thanks for your interest - we think we have the best APs on the planet and combined with cloud simplicity, we will have the right solution for you! 

Hello Phal, thank you for the reply... Up until now, we used to have a firewall that took care of web filtering... Unfortunately in this specific project, we cannot add a firewall per site (this is an EU funded project for providing WiFi in 200 different locations but has NO firewall solution - either hardware or software - included) That is why cloud web filtering is so important for us.. I will contact you ASAP

Thank you for your time