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Ruckus cloud features

New Contributor III
Hello, we have been working on a proposal for a Ruckus cloud implementation for a specific project. We have identified a couple of features that we believe are already included in cloud but we cant seem to find them

a) Rogue AP functionality - Is this feature included in the current version of Cloud?
b) MAC Filtering - Can we filter users (eg block) from the network using their respective MAC addresses?

Thank you

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Andreas -

Thanks for reaching out. MAC Filtering and Rogue AP functions are not configurable in Ruckus Cloud version today. They are however fully configurable in underlying SZ. These will be surfaced in releases later this year (2H'2018).

Can you help us understand your use case on MAC Filtering? Are you simply looking to allow/block a mac address from joining, blacklisting a mac address? Related query is would you prefer IP address and application level filtering over MAC address filtering? We always love to know the use case.