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Unable to contect mobile devices to different SSID's with the exception of one.

New Contributor II
Unable to connect mobile devices to different SSID's with the exception of one. I can connect to the default V-Lan and get out to the internet, but the other two Vlans won't allow me to connect.  I can ping the other two Vlans from my computer.  I'm using a layer 2 switch and I have the trunk allowed 1, 50, 60, 100.  I can connect and pass traffic only on Vlan 1.  I checked with teh ISP and they are broadcasting/advertising routes through their Fortinet D60 appliance.  The Vlans all worked when we had cisco router in place of the Fortinet.  I'm stumped?

New Contributor III
Hello Eric,

The Ruckus Cloud WiFi network requires that the VLANs be set up on your local network first. if you feel this has been set up correctly and the AP is not placing data on the correct VLAN please open a case  with our Technical Support team and they will be happy to help you out.

You can open a case here...

Contributor III
When you connect to one the tagged wlans (50, 60, or 100), do you get a valid IP address?  


I do get a valid IP Address when I switch the AP over to one of the other VLans.

Hi Eric,

I can sense some misconfiguration on switch, please make sure Vlan 1 is Native on the switch and tagg all the vlans which are configured in WLAN on the interface except Vlan 1 where APs are connected.

If you could share model of L2 switch and if you don't mind sharing it's configuration can check and verify.

Abilash PR