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Still no fix for accent characters in Captive Portal. (international localization is impossible)

New Contributor III
Bringing this up again because it still isn't fixed.

The database backend of Ruckus Cloud for whatever reason cant store accent characters (é, è, î, etc).
It allows entry and saving of these characters, but what ends up getting displayed is a black diamond with a question mark in it where the character was.

This makes integration for us in Quebec impossible because of the language laws here. It also means that literally every other language in the world other than english cant be displayed correctly in the public portal page.

Is this in the road map yet? This was brought up mid last year and the issue was escalated up the chain. You clearly seemed to take the issue seriously given the email chains I was CC'ed on, but theres been no major changes or updates to the platform since.


Hi DR, 
The UTF-8 character set support is resolved in our code, but it hasn't made it into the cloud production release yet. We are now in Release Candidate 6 phase - and will reach out to you Monday or so to give you special access to test this for validation. The 17.01 GA is planned for early April (just a couple of weeks). Thank you for your patience.