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Disable LED's, Optimize channel settings, rogue APs

Contributor II
I have an R310 running on the cloud and I am trying to turn off the LEDs (PWR, CTL, 2.4, 5). I can't seem to find this enable/disable option anywhere. The AP is in a bedroom so at night it is distracting.

Where is the option to optimize for compatibility, interoperability, or performance. Unleashed and Zonedirector offer this option under Country Code settings.

I also can't find rogue access point detection settings and alerts, such as blocking repeated wireless attempts, rouge access point detection etc.

Am I missing something or are these deeply hidden?

Esteemed Contributor II
   I'm investigating.  The Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi is based on SmartZone platform, but not all
features/functions are designed into the Cloud platform UI.
We can enable/disable AP LEDs on SZ, (KBA-5476) but from within Zones or AP specific
with a Zone override setting.  I'm looking to see if there are equivalent AP CLI commands
that you can issue to your chosen APs.

Esteemed Contributor II

     No AP command line instructions to enable/disable LEDs in SZ 3.4.x. No rogue AP control
to users (yet?) either, but product marketing planning assumes simlified user needs for Cloud. 
You would need to contact your Ruckus SE to submit Feature Requests for either of these.

    The default AP channels and scanning methods can be modified however.  Under a Venue,
on the right is a box with WiFi Radio Settings, click View.  From the box that comes up, you can
Edit and make changes to the choice of Background Scanning or ChannelFly on both bands, or
modify the default (non-DFS in 5G case) selected/serviced RF channels.  So you have some
control here at least.

Thanks. to add to it, you can also do this on a per-AP basis (fix a channel, turn off a radio etc.). Click on a specific AP and on the overview tab, you will see an option to review/edit the AP radio settings.