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Problem to add R300 AP to Ruckus Cloud Controller

New Contributor
Hi there, i got the ruckus cloud controller trial the other day and added a ZoneFlex R300 Access Point. The problem is I can't not see the AP to do any configuration and always says is "In setup phase". Is there any way to remove the AP o reset configuration from Ruckus Cloud Controller to successful add the AP to make it operational?

Hi, thanks for your Q. Ruckus Cloud does not support R300 (11n AP). Ruckus Cloud only supports 11AC APs, and the full list is here.

I recommend you delete that AP from your config and look for a R310 (we ship that for free for qualified new trials) or you can reach out to a Ruckus authorized partner and get an AP to test with.

Let us know how we can help. 


Thak you so much Phal for anwer the Q. Unfortunately I not able to select the AP to delete, edit or other acction. Any advice?

Once a trial subscription expires without renewed with a regular license, the access to Cloud dashboard is terminated. However, APs will still be functional with last configured settings. If you want to change the settings and reuse the AP with a SmartZone network, you can factory reset the AP and join it to a SmartZone controller. If you want to use it as an unleashed access point, you can access the UI and update to the latest Unleashed firmware.