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PSK vs Guest managed passwords

New Contributor II
We are currently running a cloud configuration with 2 root and 6 mesh access points... In the beginning we used a PSK password on the network and no problems were encountered. Since then we have moved to a portal quest managed passwords and have received many complaints of clients unable to sign on for multiple reasons. Has anyone else encountered this?

what happened with your guest portal?

New Contributor III
We also were receiving lots of reports of various devices receiving generic errors when attempting to authenticate (wired, not Mesh). The error given was usually “Internal error”. This would happen when a guest would accept the AUP without a password. Rebooting the APs would fix it. It was happening so much, I had to disable the guest portal. I’d prefer to use an AUP without password though. It’s for library patrons.

Lou - absolutely - want to troubleshoot. I have opened a separate email with you!