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Making Ruckus Cloud work with VLAN based IP configurations

New Contributor II
I have a simple network, with three vlans (Data, Voice, and Video).  I've entered all three wireless networks into my Ruckus Cloud account, and assigned each to the proper vlan number on network (20, 30, and 40).  The ICX ports that I'm plugging my AP's into are set for tagged ports and the AP ports are tagged in each of the three vlans.  There is a DHCP server on the lowest numbered vlan (20), but the AP's (R510's) never get an IP address, even though the DHCP server is on the local vlan 20.  If I put the AP's on a public VLAN they go to the cloud, and grab their configs, which should add the three vlans, and then drops from the cloud once the configs are downloaded (I'm assuming because that vlan ID isn't in the AP's).  But moving them back to the tagged ports, they never get an IP address (based on the power led).  Can anyone shed some light on the proper way to get AP's added to the cloud when all you have are three tagged vlans?

Hi Dale,

thanks for posting your Q. The AP's management IP is only leant on the native VLAN (untagged). So first thing to do is, the switch must have DHCP Server on the native VLAN.

Then, you can have the 3 SSIDs on the 3 designated VLANs (20, 30 and 40) to allow the wifi clients to get their IP addresses/DHCP from those VLANs. So yes, you would need DHCP Server to also support those VLANs. That setup shouldn't affect the native VLAN setting of the AP for the management traffic (& DHCP IP) functions.


* AP's native VLAN (1) will provide IP address to the AP (management IP)
* SSID Data will be on VLAN 20
* SSID Voice will be on VLAN 30
* SSID Video will be on VLAN 40

all 4 of the configurations need to be present. The native VLAN of the AP cannot be changed.

hope this helps.

New Contributor II
Thanks Phal.  That's the piece I was missing.  So I'll need to add the Native VLAN 1 to the DHCP Server pool (and to the tagged interfaces) in order for the AP to work.  A little disappointing, since I typically use the Native VLAN only for Management traffic, so no DHCP services.  Everything is hard coded IP's on that VLAN right now.  At least I can make it work though.

Thanks again!

Ah, got it, and understand your point. We recommend to use DHCP reservations on the DHCP Server to set specific IP to network devices (like APs or switches) instead of hard-coding on the device (e.g. on the AP directly). This will allow you to recover a mis-configured AP (in ceiling, outdoor lamp posts etc.) by simply changing the IP on the DHCP reservation table (in the DHCP server).


Got it all working based on your suggestion, but I had one more question.  It seems like I had to add the the default VLAN to a Network on the AP in order for it to find VLAN 1, is this the case, or was I just impatient?  Will the AP find VLAN 1 if it's simply configured on the ethernet switch and untagged on the port?  I don't want the VLAN 1 network advertised and available on the wireless side if I don't have to.

Thanks again, you've been a huge help.