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lost controller cluster

New Contributor
One of my clients had a problem with a cluster of SZ 100 (apparently HD problems on both devices).  Both controllers are down.  350 APs were connected to this cluster.

What choices do I have while I solve the physical problem of the clusters (RMA, repairs, etc.)?

1.-  Move APs to another SZ 100 controller that I have running on another site.  Connect them via VPN.  What do I need for this scenario?

2.-  Setup a vSZ in the location of the failed cluster and move the 350 APs temporarily to this vSZ.  I would set up the vSZ with a trial license.  Is this possible?  What do I need to do for this scenario?

3.-  Move all APs to Ruckus Cloud.  I have to double check if APs support this.  Probably I would have to go through a firmware change, right?

4.-  Setup a vSZ in AWS and move the 350 APs to this vSZ.  Would this work?

Your help and input regarding these scenarios would be very much appreciated.  Also, if you think there is another scenario, please, do list it and explain.

Best regards,

Manuel Ortega