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Is SmartRoam available in Ruckus Cloud WiFi and how does the AP deal with DHCP leases?

New Contributor
I'm new to Ruckus and working on designing a Cloud WiFi solution. Zone Director has a feature called SmartRoam that disconnects clients when their signal falls below a certain level. Is that feature available in the cloud? My second, related question, has to do with how AP's deal with DHCP when controlled by the cloud. Do the AP's have a DHCP server built in, do they need to rely on an external DHCP server or are DHCP leases somehow controlled in the cloud? I'm interested in how the system will deal with clearing DHCP leases as clients come and go in a high traffic area.

Valued Contributor
Hi Lou,

Ruckus Unleashed inludes a DHCP server which sounds like it will suit your requirements:

And you don't have to pay extra for the funcationality! 🙂


RUCKUS Team Member
FYI, Ruckus recently released an update to 'Ruckus Cloud'. Version 20.07 includes DHCP/NAT functionalities.

DHCP/NAT – RUCKUS Cloud makes it easy to segment client traffic and assign IP addresses to both wired and wireless clients by enabling DHCP/NAT service on the AP. This release includes DHCP support for wired client devices, an expanded number of DHCP pools, and the ability to monitor and track usage of the DHCP pools deployed.

Refer to release notes for more details.
Documentation can be found at

HTH for anyone who is looking to deploy DHCP services on Cloud.