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Change IP Address of Cloud Controlled AP

New Contributor II
How can I change the IP Address of a Cloud Controlled AP? I cannot find any way in the Web UI to do so. Also, attempting to log into the AP via SSH with the Cloud Administrator credentials is not successful.

Esteemed Contributor II
Your AP is assigned an IP address by your local DHCP server.  You can "reserve" IP addresses for the MAC address of your Cloud APs, outside the scope of IPs given to clients, but you do not have direct SSH access to issue CLI commands to Cloud APs to change their WAN IP address/netmask/gateway that way. 

Once you define their serial numbers (Add AP in the Cloud WebUI), when rebooted they will check our Cloud AP Registrar (APR) for the Internet IP address(s) of the Ruckus Cloud controllers they need to talk to.

New Contributor II
That seems VERY shortsighted. What if there is a need for MGMT VLAN change or we need static assignments for monitoring purposes? There must be a supported way to change the IP Addressing without creating dedicated DHCP Pools and reservations in MGMT VLANs.

New Contributor II
I second this request/need. In order for this solution to match the capabilities of other Ruckus solutions, we need the ability to assign static IP addresses to the APs. We would also love the ability to perform direct SNMP queries against the APs for monitoring and statistic gathering purposes. These are things we rely on today with our ZoneDirector-managed environments. We'd love to use the Cloud WiFi solution going forward, but need similar capabilities.

New Contributor
+1 for this request!