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which recommendation to upgrade icx 7250 to version 08.0.90d (SPS08090d.bin)?

New Contributor
After upgrading to SPS08090d.bin, the operating system did not start.
what is the recommendation, because the current version 8.0.30p

New Contributor III
So I'm not sure you can go straight from 08.0.30 to 08.0.90d (it may be possible as long at the bootrom is updated as well, but I did not test that).  When I just recently did this on some 7250s, I went from 08.0.30 to 08.0.60c to 08.0.90d.  And remember to upgrade the bootrom with the firmware.

You may need this to recover that switch.

Contributor III
Good Afternoon:

What bootrom did you install?  Typically, you will also upgrade to 08.0.80x first as well then do an UFI upgrade to the 08.0.90 builds.

How to resolve:

1. Boot to secondary or primary (whichever will load) to get the switch booted to something other than the recovery bootrom; since, it's easier to manage the OS
2. Upgrade the bootrom to whatever is required for 08.0.80x
3.  In the slot that now contains 08.0.90d, copy the 08.0.80x 
4.  verify md5 primary and or verify md5 secondary

4. Reload to boot 08.0.80x
5. Do a proper UFI upgrade from 08.0.80x to 08.0.90x.  This is something 08.0.80x will know how to do, but 08.0.30x will not.

RUCKUS Team Member

You can follow the software recovery steps if switch isn't booting.


Contributor III
If it will not boot, it is most likely because an old bootrom will not boot the newer code.  That said, you probably have an image in the secondary or primary flash that will boot.  That is that one of the slots probably contains an older codebase that will boot with your current bootrom.

I would try these commands before a software recovery simply because they are simply one line attempts and chances are good you only did an over-write of your primary or your secondary (but unlikely both), so the other slot should likely boot.



After it boots, you probably want to do a "show flash" to verify you actually have an installed FastIron in each slot vs an empty slot.

From there "verify md5 primary" and/or a "verify md5 secondary"

Then compare against the known MD5 for SPS08090d.bin or whatever you have to verify it copied correctly.

This will for sure let you know if all you need to then do is update your bootrom (very likely) or have a corrupt/missing ICX OS