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replacing dead switch in smartzone management

New Contributor II

I already asked this in the SZ forum, thought I'd post it here too and maybe get better traction.

We had a switch die (a 7150), what's the  process to put the new one in the Smartzone in place of the old one?

Just slap the IP back on the the switch and register it?   Delete the old one first?


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Jay 

Thank you for reaching us. 

You are correct you will be adding this switch as new switch to the SmartZone and then do the settings you are looking forward to configure on the switch or you can move the switch to the folder you want to move in the SmartZone based on your requirement. 

Also make to verify the below:

  • SmartZone version
  • Switch firmware version 

I have mentioned a link below for your reference that has all details you need to bring the switch up in SmartZone. 

Link for 5.2.2 SZ:

Link to 6.1.1 SZ:

I hope the above details helps you.