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illegal class reported by PD

New Contributor II

I have a Ruckus ICX 7450-48P that is having issues with a few new wireless access points.  Under inline power I am getting a fault error "illegal class reported by PD" for 4 of these ports with these access points.  There are 2 other of these same exact APs plugged into 2 different ports that work fine.  I've doubled checked the config on these ports and compared it to the working ports.  Everything appears identical.  I'm not sure what is causing this issue. 


I opened a support case yesterday and sent him the logs.  I'm waiting to hear back.  I posted here to see if anyone else had any ideas.  

Got it. I would maybe give this a shot and see if anything changes:

conf t

lldp run (ensuring LLDP is on)

interface eth x/y/z

inline power power-by-class 4 (this should be up to 30watts)


interface eth x/y/z

inline power power-limit 30000

Let me know if that changes anything. Also, do your APs use LLDP for power negotiation?

Ben Beck, RCNA, RCNI, Principal Technical Support Engineer

I tried those commands but they didn't make a difference.  I'm not sure if the Ubiquiti APs use LLDP for power negotiation.